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Maintenance, Warranty, repairs


Foil Drive components have been carefully manufactured and hand-assembled here in Australia with quality control processes in place to ensure your product is ready for use. The Foil Drive Assist comes with a full 12-month warranty ensuring all components are free from manufacturing defects. 

The 12ah Foil Drive Assist Battery comes with a limited 12-month warranty, covering defective BMS or manufacturing defects. This differs as all batteries have a useful life span set by the manufacture of the raw cells that make up our battery packs. Eventually, you'll notice the pack starts to lose some of its initial punch, slightly slowing down on power output. This is normal and ALL batteries suffer the same degradation, just like your phone decreases battery life over time. We cannot provide replacement batteries under warranty when they get old and tired. The User Manual provides information on how to prolong peak performance and lifespan of your battery.

Warranty claims will be considered case-by-case and outcomes will be determined at Foil Drives discretion, in accordance with the Australian product warranty. 


In the unlikely event you do need repairs, we will endeavor to repair your gear rather than force a replacement. This is of course within reason, salty surf environments are extremely unforgiving and harsh on all products let alone electronics, thorough care and maintenance of your product is always your best friend! We will try to get you back in the water as fast and economically as possible! 

If your unit appears faulty DO NOT use it and email with a brief description of your issue and any images/video footage that may help us. You can also use this email for repairs and maintenance.


We're real people with a passion and background in electronics and foiling, building, tinkering and designing electric-powered fun for over 20 years. We love foiling and we want your experience with Foil Drive to be as epic as possible. Find our details below, we'd love to put a voice to a name, or send us an email or a text and we'll be there to support you anytime (Just remember we're in Australia GMT +9.5)!

Maintenance, care and respect

Ensure you read and follow all care and maintenance instructions in the user manual! The best thing you can do for your Foil Drive to ensure it lasts for years to come is to respect your gear. All care processes are outlined in the manual, we do like to highlight that you must wash all equipment with fresh water after every use. Especially focus on your motor, controller and pod, ensuring to dry it off with a towel too. If left unwashed, the salty residue and minerals will build up over time causing issues. 

Dry your box: Do not open your box when wet, including hair, hands, or wetsuit. Only open your box once out of the water and completely dry. The box is IP68 waterproof, so clean it out and dry off any moisture before you store it long-term, we recommend leaving the lid cracked open to avoid moisture build-up.

Keep your battery and battery plugs dry and away from salty water. If you expose them your lovely gold battery pins will turn green from electrolysis and will need to be replaced before any further use. 

The main lid seal of the box and the rubber gland seal where your cable connects are the two major barriers against water entering the box. Ensure they are clean, dry, and the lid latches and cable gland are done up tightly before entering the water. The electronic box is watertight, there should never be water inside the box. If you do find water in the box, carefully and methodically inspect and clean your seals, please contact us if you have any issues.


True blue Aussie support​

At the end of the day we are here to support you and keep you out on the water. All we ask in return is that you're sensible, respect your equipment, and take care of it. The ocean is a formidable place in many ways and electronics and salt water will never be the best of friends. We cannot ask you enough to respect, clean and check your gear every time you use it!

Frequently asked questions

How is the Foil Drive Assist attached?

Each motor pod is custom designed for precise fitment to specific mast profiles. Hence it is important to get the right motor pod for your mast. The pod clamps around your mast using inbuilt screws, and will remain in place on tension alone.
3M adhesive is then used to secure the motor cable channels to the underside of the board. 3M Dual Lock adhesive secures the electronics box to the top side of the board. Dual lock is similar to a ridged, secure, velcro. The box is removeable but should not fall off under normal usage. It may, however, come off the board if struck hard enough in order to limit the likelyhood of damage to the box or your board. You can opt to either hold the controller with the included wrist strap or clamp your controller to a paddle using the included custom mount.

Why is Foil Drive Assist not reccomended on a prone board?

There a few reasons for this: 1. With the box designed to sit on the tail of your board, while as low profile as possible, would still interfere with laying or kneeling on the board while getting started. 2. Due to the low volume of a prone board in comparrison to rider weight, the tail of a prone board is frequently underwater. Wireless transmission from the controller to the electronics box is virtually impossible when the box is underwater. The good news, Foil Drive Prone is in development and will eleviate these issues.

Why is the battery life or run time so variable?

There is a number of factors that can reduce or prolong the battery life. The main areas are:
1. Rider weight 2. How "trigger happy" or aggressive the rider is with the throttle 3. Front wing size ie. how much lift the wing provides 4. Style of riding as well as competency level of the rider 5. How effecient the rider uses the throttle for traversing or paddling Water is an extremely high drag substance to push a board and rider through. The amount of power required to move a rider on a SUP board at 5km/hr through the water is expodentially increased to then make them move at 10km/hr. The below graph shows how the relationship between the throttle position and theoretical run time is not a straight line. In simple terms, above a certain speed, significantly more throttle is needed for a very small increse in speed. The most effective way to increase battery life is to use less throttle when traversing or motoring around. Using approx. 30% trottle will provide a huge run time and will still provide a paddle speed equivelant to that of a normal human paddle. However, using just 10% more throttle at 40% will halve the run time for a small increase in speed!

Slow down and enjoy the ride for longer! Short burst of 100% throttle when trying to get up on foil will use lots of power but only for a short period.

What if my mast isn't listed as one of the options?

Please contact with the mast details you're after. Please do not order a similar mast pod and hope it works! All brands have different length and thickness profiles. As the pod relies on the fricton/tension to secure the motor, the fitment needs to be perfect. We can easily produce a motor pod to suit your mast and are constantly adding to our range, so don't be affraid to get in contact with us!

Feel free to contact us if you have further questions or need support! We are always up for a chat about foiling! Just keep in mind we are in Australia, GMT+9.5!

Paul - +61 439 891 550
Ben - +61 422 927 919