How we're changing the game

Conditions aren't perfect, struggling to get up on foil, wanting longer downwind runs, or missing epic waves while paddling to the lineup? We've got the drive to get you flying!

Just like you, we've always strived for a little more so we created the Foil Drive to do just that. Without sacrificing weight and drag, the minimalistic design will have you foiling longer and out there more often! The biggest bonus is, the whole system exits the water once on foil for the smooth, uninterrupted sensation of foiling we all love!

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Retro-fit the Foil Drive Assist to your existing larger volume foil board for added paddle assistance without permanent alteration to your gear. Foil Drive Assist is not a flatwater efoil.

3kg Install Weight
21kg Thrust
10min Single Tool Install
1-2hr Surf Time*
Custom Motor Pods
Wireless Throttle Controll

*Run time can vary based upon rider weigh, board volume, skill level, environmental conditions. See support section for more details.


Custom pods designed to fit a growing range of masts. 

Wireless throttle control can be handheld or

mounted to your SUP paddle.

Ergonomic handheld or paddle mounted controller.

Check out the single tool installation with no modification or damage

to your existing gear. Removable in less than 5 mins to use your gear traditionally.

WING DING riders are using their Assist on low wind days where there's not enough power to get out of the water using the wing alone. Using the controller on the included wrist lanyard, use full power to get up on foil, then wing ding as usual.

DOWNWIND riders are loving motoring/paddling that bit further offshore to line up longer runs! With added thrust you can run smaller, faster wings and link sections, resulting in longer rides. If the conditions change, you’ve also got the added peace of mind knowing you don't have to manually paddle all the way back to shore.

SUP SURFERS are staying there longer, catching more waves, and are finding they're able to get out  for epic sessions even with low swell!

"...Caught 30 waves in that hour and was wishing the battery to run out!" - Marty, NSW
Foil Drive Assist custom compatibility