Here at Foil Drive we just want everyone to be able to enjoy the incredible feeling of flying over the water. We have used our decades of tinkering with motors, batteries and remote control electronics and merged this with our love of surfing to create a bolt-on accessory for the new craze of foil boarding! 

We think Foil Drive is perfect for riders that are:

- New to SUP foil surfing

- The crew with buggered shoulders or backs

- New to foiling with a wing ding and want to start in calmer conditions

- Looking for added peace of mind and extra boost when learning to downwind

- Those who have had a 21st birthday a few times already ;) 

What do you guys think?

Absolutely phenomenal mate! I can't tell you how much fun i've just had! In small 6 knot DW type swell today, I was able to go way way out using the cruise control, which is a lovely assist, then I was able to catch the swell all the way back in. Which I can tell you, there is no way in hell I could catch that size swell without the Foil Drive!

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Mascat, Oman


I recently purchased a Foil Drive Assist to go on my 6’5” Jimmy Lewis foil board. When I heard about them, I was very keen to get one as I saw lots of potential for it to get me on some of the waves here on the Gold Coast that are away from the crowds. Even in the usual crowded line ups I could see the potential of getting on waves further out the back or wider in the line-up. 

After using it for a few months I am very pleased with it. I am still in the early stages of exploring its full potential but signs so far are that it will deliver my expectations.

I am also learning to wing foil at the moment and have been a bit frustrated with my early attempts to get the board on foil with the wing. So recently, I tried it with the Foil Drive Assist, and for the first time I got up on the foil with relative ease in moderate wind conditions. Just strapped the remote control to the Duotone wing boom and away I sailed.


The instructional videos that come with it are excellent and answer all questions on set up and maintenance.

After sales service has also been excellent.

A brilliant, cost effective way to get you on waves away from the pack.

I would thoroughly recommend the Foil Drive Assist.


Gold Coast, Australia


Devon - Wake Thief

A proper foiling addict! Trav loves anything with a wing bolted under it, prone, tow surf, wake, kite, wing, downwind! He does it all!

Trav loves using his Foil Drive for helping teach others to downwind and for those marginal weather days when he still just needs his fix!

He loves messing around by using the motor and his pumping skills to get up on foil facing directly into a wave then ridding up the face and turning back down the wave. He loves how the Assist has opened up more spots and makes it so easy to go out for another quick session at the end of the day when your arms and legs are completly pumped!


Adelaide, Australia



The 1st time I used the Foil Drive I knew it was a game changer. My frustration trying to down wind, immediately changed to being able to get on almost any little bump, it's like having training wheels on my foil. I had given up but now I'm back with the crew having fun .


My wave riding has improved and ability to get on waves further out and ride more solid swells is unbelievable. It retro fits to all my SUP foil boards with ease. It is a quality product, I get up to 1hr surfing and 7klms easily when practicing my down winding . Wouldn't be without it.

Plus Paul and Ben have been brilliant with support and any spares. 


Adelaide, Australia


I have a Foil Drive and can attest to the ease of getting up to DW. Literally first session up and going no probs... it won't make you a DW god but it gives you the chance to be in the game without wasting all of your energy trying to get on foil!

Got some great runs today in the bay. Paddle out into wind on my stomach, motor at about 25%, then hop up still into wind, turn downwind, full noise for about 5-10 seconds, then off. I sup’d for a solid hour, and came in with 51% battery!


Queensland, Australia



Man! I'm having so much fun today, I reckon we have caught about 30 waves in half an hour and the Foil Drive is just working so sweet!

Normally i'd look at this sort of swell and think "ehhh" and go look somewhere else, but not today with the Foil Drive!


Adelaide, Australia


James Casey & Marcus Tardrew Discuss Foil Drive Assist

In this episode, Aussie legends of the down wind foiling scene, James and Marcus discuss how to get into down wind foiling and some new tricks on the market which help you learn faster!

Chat about the the Foil Drive Assist starts around the 26min mark but the whole chat is worth listening to!